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Southern Cross

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Aviators and sailors sometimes refer to this point Southern Cross as the “south polar pit” because there are no bright stars marking it. Southern Cross strictly adheres to all OSHA rules and regulations and focuses on encouraging the prevention of injury and/or illness. a southern constellation between Centaurus and Musca. Southern Cross is NZ&39;s largest private healthcare organisation with health, travel, life and pet insurance options, and a national network of healthcare providers. Click here to explore our advertising options. See full list on constellation-guide. It was featured on the band&39;s Daylight Again album and was released as a single in September 1982. Little Cayman provides wonderful beach relaxation, as well as world class scuba diving, flats and offshore fishing.

&39;Southern Cross, Volume one&39; by Becky Cloonan with art by Andy Belanger is a pretty decent SF/Mystery. It is among the most easily distinguished constellations as its hallmark stars each have an apparent visual magnitude brighter than +2. We provide foster care and rehabilitation for abused/neglected Boston Terriers. The longer bar of the cross-shaped star pattern points almost exactly to the South Pole in the sky.

The Aborigines. Southern Cross Ranch is a new breed of dude-ranch experience that combines a working ranch with the comfort of a cozy bed-and-breakfast inn. The Army of the Southern Cross was originally named. Unusually, a total of 15 of the 23 brightest stars in Crux are spectrally blue-white B-type stars. Learn to play guitar by chord / tabs using chord diagrams, transpose the key, watch video lessons and much more.

Stay as a rider or non-rider. These stars are labeled alpha, beta, gamma, delta and epsilon. Southern Cross is a classic yacht builder in the boating world. " Southern Cross " is a song written by Stephen Stills, Rick Curtis, and Michael Curtis and performed by the rock band Crosby, Stills & Nash.

The stars Alpha, Beta and Delta Crucis are co-moving members of the Scorpius-Centaurus Association, a young association of stars in the constellations Scorpius and Centaurus that bel. Mountain bikes and Guided/Unguided riding available. But it&39;s as (A) big as the pr (G)omise, the promise of a coming (D) day. My Southern Cross is our secure, online service that makes having and using your health insurance easy.

As Catholics, we are called upon to nurture our Faith and grow closer to God. In the equatorial coordinate. Crux is a constellation centred on four stars in the southern sky in a bright portion of the Milky Way. Southern Cross Medical Care Society (trading as Southern Cross Health Society) has an A+ (Strong) financial strength rating given by Standard & Poor&39;s (Australia) Pty Limited. The most prominent feature of Crux is the distinctive asterism known as the Southern Cross.

· In fact, the Southern Cross is the smallest (in area) of all the constellations. For the Southern Hemisphere, by the way, it. Also known as The Crux, it is comprised of four or five major stars arranged in a cross like pattern and visible in the southern sky at night. Two of the brightest stars that form the cross, Alpha Crucis and Beta Crucis, are among the brightest stars in the sky and easily visible Southern Cross from the southern hemisphere.

Following a line from Alpha to Beta Centauri will take you near Gamma Crucis, the top star in the cross asterism. The Southern Cross Club is the ideal place to relax and experience the Caribbean the way it was meant to be! The three-letter abbreviation for the constellation, as adopted by the International Astronomical Union in 1922, is "Cru". to complete your Australian experience. Our Faith is a gift from God.

See full list on en. It boasts four Cepheid variables that may all reach naked eye visibility. It means we are committed to protecting and managing our precious natural resources, to understanding and advancing our human world. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing dogs from shelters & individuals in Tennessee, Kentucky & Indiana and finding them permanent homes. ABOUT SOUTHERN CROSS BOSTON TERRIER RESCUE Welcome to the Southern Cross Boston Terrier Rescue website. Scorpius–Centaurus Association members.

The Website of Southern Africa&39;s Catholic Magazine. (Astronomy) a small conspicuous constellation in the S hemisphere lying in the Milky Way near Centaurus. · First, the title: the Southern Cross, or Crux, is a large constellation visible in the night sky in the Southern hemisphere.

Southern Cross University stands for what matters It’s not a slogan. Also called Cross. 165% of the night sky, it is the smallest of the 88 constellations. The 4 brightest stars within the constellation form a cross pattern. The bright stars in Crux were known to the Ancient Greeks, where Ptolemy regarded them as part of the constellation Centaurus.

Peter & Natasja Edwards Team Southern Cross. It is the only authorised distributor of Mercedes-Benz passenger and Commercial Vehicles, Jeep, Fiat, Mitsubishi, Haval and GWM vehicles in Zambia. Crux constellation is also bordered by Musca, the Fly. Compare Northern Cross. The Southern Cross carries significance across many southern countries and civilizations. Sailors have relied on the "Southern Cross" to help in navigating their boats.

Due to precession, Crux will move closer to the South Pole in the next millennia, up to 67 degrees south. The Southern Cross itself is actually classed as an asterism, not a constellation, as the word ‘constellation’ applies to 88 specific areas of the whole night sky. Southern Cross Motors was launched in August taking over from the trading name Marunouchi Motors.

Among the five main bright stars, Southern Cross Delta, and probably Alpha and Beta, are likely co-moving B-type members of the Scorpius–Centaurus Association, the nearest OB association to. Other articles from space. The Southern Cross slogan “Put Faith in your opinions” purposely capitalizes the word Faith. . The Southern Cross Experience, Take Away is available from Thursdays to Sundays and costs 30,00 p.

The rating scale is: AAA (Extremely Strong), AA (Very Strong), A (Strong), BBB (Good), BB (Marginal), B (Weak), CCC (Very Weak), CC (Extremely Weak), SD or D (Selective. The official constellation boundaries, as set by Belgian astronomer Eugène Delporte in 1930, are defined by a polygon of four segments. YachtWorld currently has 3 Southern Cross yachts for sale, including 0 new vessels and 3 used yachts, listed by experienced boat Southern Cross dealers mainly in the following countries: Guatemala, New Zealand and United States. 28&39; Sam L Morse Bristol Channel Cutter Salt Lake. The stars of the Southern Cross – Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon Crucis – form an asterism that really looks more like a kite than a cross.

Its name is Latin for cross, and it is dominated by a cross-shaped or kite-like asterism that is commonly known as the Southern Cross. This article explains all the nautical terms. NOW BOARDING: Southern Cross, tanker flight 73 to TITAN! By 400 CE, the stars in the constellation we now call Crux never rose above the horizon throughout most of Europe. 4&39; Southern Cross 28 Ruskin, Florida Asking ,000.

More Southern Cross images. Southern Cross Kitchen is a homey-chic brasserie serving Southern comfort food with an upscale twist, plus craft cocktails. It is also visible near the horizon from tropical latitudes of the northern hemisphere for a few hours every night during the northern winter and spring. Formal names: Crux or Crux Australis. 8, even though it is the smallest of all 88 modern constellations. Crux contains many variable stars.

The Southern Cross is located near the larger constellation Centaurus, which surrounds it on three sides. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. the battle flag of the Confederate States of America. It was an important symbol to the Egyptians and the Aborigines among other cultures.

It offers the perfect blend of intrigue and creepiness. For instance, it is visible from Cancun or any other place at latitude 25° N or less at around 10 pm at the end of April. Southern Cross overview. The Southern Celestial Pole can also be located by drawing a line bet. Stephen Stills sings lead throughout, with Graham Nash joining on the second verse.

· When the Big Dipper is seen above Polaris, the North Star, the Southern Cross is seen standing over the southern horizon in southern Florida and Texas. They were entirely visible as far north as Britain in the fourth millennium BC. · The Southern Cross is the smallest and one of the eighty eight known constellations in the galaxy. Peachtree Corners, GA 30071. Read the First Issue Online. More Southern Cross videos.

Alex Braith steps aboard Southern Cross, a tanker heading to Titan. Manage your policy24/7. We offer bilingual, multimedia marketing opportunities through newspaper, digital and radio platforms, as well our annual directory. 3175 Corners North Ct. Southern Cross takes great pride in our overall excellent safety record and continues to educate, evaluate, and execute safety measures in order to further reduce the risk of any injuries or accidents. Skip to main content 8 East 1st Avenue, Conshohocken, PA.

It has great significance in the cultures of the southern hemisphere, particularly of Australia and New Zealand. There are 5 main stars. The Southern Cross spans only six degrees from north to south, a distance only slightly bigger than the one between Merak.

The "Southern Cross" is a constellation also known as the Crux Constellation that can be viewed from most of the Southern hemisphere. Stephen Stills wrote this song while taking a long boat ride in the South Pacific, in the aftermath of his divorce from French singer/songwriter Veronique Sanson. If the activities are not up your alley, then the magnificent pool view of the 900ft of sand may just be what is needed. 5 Annapolis, Maryland Asking 5,000.

However, the precession of the equinoxes gradually lowered the stars below the European horizon, and they were eventually forgotten by the inhabitants of northern latitudes. You can make use of the bicycles, paddleboards and kayaks as well as snorkeling gear. Crux is easily visible from the southern hemisphere at practically any time of year.

About “Southern Cross” 2 contributors A Stills song about open-ocean sailing in the South Pacific, and reflecting on life during the quiet stretches. The military organization was founded by Anatole Leonard. com |. Wishing you all good health! . 41&39; Hunter Legend 40. It’s an ethos that informs our courses, our research and our direction as a university.

Alex Braith is on board retracing her sister&39;s steps to the refinery moon, hoping to collect her remains and find some answers.

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